Object Orientated Ontology

Response to the ISTD 2017, Dead Wood Archives Brief. An editorial on the critical analyse of 'The Quadruple Object' by Dr Graham Harman.

Object Orientated Ontology is the typographic interpretation of ‘The Quadruple Object – a metaphysical thesis proposed by Dr Graham Harman. The project was to find a book which would correlate closest to our birth date, and celebrate the book. I proposed to challenge the means of celebration. In turn, a critical analysis. This proposition was due to the challenge of the thesis upon myself and others; who believed that what was proposed by Dr Graham Harman to be an oxymoron.

The editorial has been formatted to show this challenge, and shows my journey that I had when reading this book, and the frustration being reflected in my own design. Alongside his text is a commentary, a commentary from myself blogging my thoughts at the time and analyses his text.

This project was awarded a Pass at the International Society of Typographic Designers 2017 Student Awards.

© Stefan Man 2017