Holding the Key to a Brighter Future

An editorial journey through HMP Dorchester.

Holding the Key to a Brighter Future is the editorial journey through Her Majesty’s Prison Dorchester, part of the criminal justice system.  It was closed in 2013 and has since has been sold to City & County who plan to redevelop the existing site and erect housing.

The series of photographs display the state of the accommodation that the inmates were confined to. Their lives taken from them. Our thoughts on this journey were instantaneously changed, what started as quite light and open minded, became dark and cold. At the entrance of the prison, the phrase ‘Holding the Key to a Brighter Future’, is tiled into the concreate steps, completely contradictory to the inside of the prison. The prison, partially decayed, was a constant reminder of being stuck and trapped.

As well as presenting our journey throughout the prison, this book allows an opportunity to observe first-hand the severity of the conditions that lie within HMP Dorchester.

A collaboration between Poppy Quesnel & Stefan Man

© Stefan Man 2017