History of Materiality

Editorial researching into the history of materiality within the last century.

Throughout the last century design has progressed and changed dramatically, through the development of printing, screen and 3D design. Often Graphic Design is mistaken to be focused around only digitalised art, but materiality has been one of the most influential components in the development of design. They play a crucial part in the design process, by determining the outcome, scale and feel of the design. Each material has its own physical and cultural qualities that can influence design, form, and function. This book covers the progression since the 1860s until present, such as when letter press was first developed in 1858 to the Macintosh in 1984.

My Role in this project was to pursued the era of the 1940-1951, with my era specializing towards the material usage, sustainability and rationing it was during the second world war. Asides from this, myself and Eng Zyan Keh were the lead designers and typography of this editorial, establishing the grid system to be used in the book and also the typography, ensuring it being legible for people to use and the typeface used to be timeless in this design.


Art Director: Sarah Wickings

Head of Design/Typography: Eng Zyan Keh & Stefan Man

Design Team: Barney Beauchamp & James Townend

Scribe: Emma Inkles

Writers: Barney Beauchamp, Charlotte Adlam, Emma Inkles, Eng Zyan Keh, James Townend, Janaki Chengalath , Lily Stansbury, Sarah Wickings, Si Chen Ye & Stefan Man.

© Stefan Man 2017